The top logos of the world

Customer: Avalanche

It is surrounded by adoration and worship; a lifestyle and status symbol; a memory of a personal or shared experience; a small picture carrying multiple meanings yet it can be characterized with a few words: the logo.

The infographics provide surprising facts about famous brands that everyone knows yet we would not think their logos costed only a few dollars – like Twitter, or nothing – like Coca Cola. In fact, we could think that the latter was designed by a professional, and not the owner came up with the ornamented letters that bring back the old peaceful times and were redesigned only in 2011. What makes a logo successful? Will the audience love, gather information, write about or make fun of it? Pepsi managed to mobilize the imagination of designers so well that the created logo caricatures took up 27 pages. On the other hand, the blue dot of USA Today does not provide too much room for creativity, yet the audience still finds its simplicity awesome. Apple’s silver logo has become the trendiest, while Nike’ swoosh has proven itself to be so cool to be preserved since 1985.

However, logos have undergone so many changes that it would be a problem to recognize them if we went back in time. It would not be hard to trace back the evolution of Nike’s logo, unlike Renault, where they have frequently celebrated the coming of a new logo. Even though the Starbucks logo is missing the original text, we still do not believe that the rich-haired mermaid represents a shampoo. On the other hand, take a look at Renault's logo from 1906: it is not elegance that first comes to our minds, rather war or the military. And, can a redesign be outrageous? GAP could tell you a story about that...

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